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And as quick as we are:

We are playing some shows this spring!

The Places The Beatles Never Played tour of Hamburg Germany, joing forces with uk songwriter Trent Miller and Hamburg Indie Psyche band Tom Ende Tan LeRacoon & Racoonery support the smaller clubs that are not part of the tourist guides that usually center around 4 guys from Liverpool who may have played 60plus years ago. We are here and now! April 20th to April 23rd, watch out for details on the shows page.

[Feb, 26th 2023]



Live Line Ups and what to expect

Yes, you read correctly: Line Ups, plural, as:

During Covid we took the chance, decided to be more flexible and perform in different line ups as obviously it was impossible to get the complete line up from all over the world to perform in one place.

So if you see a gig listed, please watch the full name in announcement:

"Tan LeRacoon" 
as you are accustomed to will be performing songs from all over Tan’s body of work as you might expect the unexpected and also more special side. "Tan LeRacoon & Racoonery"
is the down to the bone Rock n Roll 4-piece, fast and dirty, with or without guests. We will reveal this awesome line up soon. And yes, the name is &(and) Racoonery. "Tan LeRacoon’s Gift"
is a duo set up. "Tan LeRacoon’s Zorn"
is an experimental approach thought of with Christof Jessen, guitar explorer from Tan's
band of mid 90s, Das Weeth Experience. Be aware and be scared.

[Jan, 23rd 2023]


A Good Cause? whatever that means

Because we are told people won’t ask: yes, we DO benefits and solidarity events! 
Drop a mail, we might support the cause.

[Dec, 28th 2022]


Mary Tour

Ok, we are not over this yet. We need to cancel all postponed shows for October and November. Sorry! Please, keep safe, and for you nosey peeps out there, here it is, the background story of Mary The Rhino:

[Oct, 9th 2020]


Mary The Rhino video

yes, feel free to enjoy our tale of colonialism, imperialism, tortured animals and enslaved humans...

Click on song title "Mary The Rhino" for link.

[Oct, 5th 2020]



Mary is a rhinoceros, who would have thought, that was brought to Hamburg Zoo by imperialist colonialist business men. These were famous for exhibiting "human shows", that is idigenous people from all oer the world to be stared at. It took many many decades until this was deemed illegal. Why Mary became the protagonist hero in this song? Well, follow me on IG and you'll learn!

This online single is released by Tan U Sound, digitally adminstered by Légère Recordings via Zebralution, saying: yes, it's on Spotfy and itunes... :