"Glamorous and mysterious",



"The dark side of Rock n Roll seeks some harmony and gets lost in an even darker part of the forest. There's voodoo inspired by Dr. John, psychedelic… such an awakener!",

DeutschlandFunk Kultur


"One of the weirder artists at Reeperbahn Festival this year enjoying to experiment",

ByteFM Reeperbahn Festival podcast


"Like a Punk Rock Van Morrison",

Lars Brinkmann, Grimm, Spex


“…always thought, he’d be American… [and] once more this turns out great. Sometimes I rather feel a Dr. John vibe, New Orleans and swampy with a punky edge. Brass are extremely raw and kept naked. A fantastic, an awesome record”,

Klaus Fiehe, Karamba, ByteFM, 1Live


"This Indie-Lo-Fi-Folk-Pop-Punk-Soul-Sound comes absolutely unpolished but atmospheric and might be highly enjoyed by friends of Malakoff Kowalski's mini soundtracks,

Munich Merkur


"Disturbing... but sooo good",

J. Pfeiffer, Küchensessions





"[he] tells of personal demons, of departure and healing… an angry, a political record. Guitars do not remain quiet, brass does not simply accentuate. A poetry between somnabolic delirium and being simply appalled, still optimistic and seeking for solutions. A musical activist."

Birgit Reuther, Biggy Pop- Words. Sound. Good.


"Tres chic, Glam Rock-ish retro sound. Great!",

Radio StoneFM


"I enjoyed diving into this universe",

Silke Super, RadioEins


"Maybe Hamburg's own Marc Bolan? An Adam Ant from hanseatic shores? Tanju is what you would call a real star – if this country only had a feeling for such",

Martin Giese, Soulstew


" Wonderful colourful, such a wild mix of styles. No pigeon hole will be found",

Alex FM Berlin



On "Dangerously Close To Love":


"Uplifting 60s vibe like the Fab Four, a little Psychedelic, a little Bowie. Tan LeRacoon could take the place of The Corals",



“Like The Saints meet poppier Swell Maps, only played well“,

Carsten Friedrichs, Superpunk, Liga der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen.


“A band not to be missed at [2016] Reeperbahn Festival”,

Rolling Stone.


“Gothic Soul”,

C.Tjaben, ByteFM.


“[a kick-ass] you can get from Tan LeRacoon. This total piece of Art lives in a little warped Punk-Folk world… Too bad Willy Deville and Nikki Sudden are not around to experience this”,



"...and admidst there's Tan LeRacoon, who makes his way through the songs like an entertainer on fear&Loathing- trip, a crooning gentleman of the old school, may this sound like Rock n Roll- Rat Pack, 70s blues or Pulp Fiction- whatever. Tan LeRacoon rips you out of this and makes your musical thoughtsfly on a very special individual way. Kick it!",

Nachtasyl/Thalia Theater.


“Close to „You Can‘t Put Your Arms Around A Memory- that‘s a highest compliment… Charming with a mysterious spirit, conquering my Rock n Roll heart”,

Road Tracks


“It's super raw. You don't hear that enough these days”,

Brian Lopez, Xixa


"Raw poetry... a great Punk-Folk record",

Hamburger Abendblatt.


"... shows this man as an unpredictable anarchist, who grinds everything from Indie Garage Pop via Jazz ballads to Antifolk with Punk attitude. By doing this we recollect the greats of this genre: Jonathan Richman, Wreckless Eric or Nikki's dead brother Epic Soundtracks",



"... cool, freespirited, longing Rock, that understands Post Punk just as well as Soul... One of the great, almost famous stars of our city!",

Szene Hamburg.


"Anti Folk- Weirdness... he toured the world with such diverse musicians as Kruder&Dorfmeister, Ólafur Arnlads or Agnes Obel, he was member of Nikki Sudden's band, whose influence obviously sneaked into this baroque Lo-Fi Folkpop. A dozen eclecticism, strummed hits for the shortlived eternity of today's world. Sad and sublime, epic and as if written as first take productions. A visit from the weird genius. References are Mac deMarco-Slacker-70s, Jonathan Richman/Saints copy Sufjan Stevens and Adam Green seems inspired again. 60s melodies, ArtPunk, Woody Guthrie, Ariel Pink and the Beach Boys, set the level. Great effort!“,



“Charming like Nikki Sudden or Jonathan Richman… (on ‘Grace_Disgrace’:) a sad deepness, that’s high art …”,

Rembert Stiewe, Glitterhouse.


“A great balance of grit and beauty”,

Andrew Hoepfner, Houseworld, Creaky Boards.